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What Is Meta Business Manager?

How To Leverage The Free Marketing Tool.

Whether your brand is a large eCommerce store, local restaurant, or something in between, you can benefit from using Meta Business Manager to manage all your Facebook and Instagram marketing.

In 2014, Facebook launched Business Manager to help companies more efficiently manage their Facebook pages and advertising. Today, the platform is known as Meta Business Manager and allows companies to manage Facebook and Instagram page activity, content, advertising, and direct messages.

What is Meta Business Manager?

Meta Business Manager is a free tool that allows businesses to:

· Run and track Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger ads

· Manage assets such as Facebook pages, Meta pixels, and ad accounts

· Add agencies or other marketing partners to manage your business

The Business Manager allows your team to keep work and personal life separate. Employees do not need to be friends to have access to the same business assets. Pages no longer need to be tied to one employee or shared company profile. Prior to Business Manager, marketing teams would experience overlap and frustration due to the lack of organization and user hierarchy.

The Benefits of Meta Business Manager

Meta says Business Manager is a right fit for your brand if:

  • You have multiple people who work on your marketing or manage your Facebook or Instagram business presence.

  • You manage multiple assets such as Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, ad accounts or apps.

  • You work with vendors or agencies to help create, run or manage your Pages or ads, but want your business to maintain ownership of all its assets.

  • You want complete jurisdiction over your assets without giving ownership to people who assist your business operations.

  • You want to request access to other Pages, ad accounts, and apps, or share your own with other agencies.

  • Business Manager is gradually introducing new safeguard tools through the new Security Center to help you maintain control of your assets.

Business Manager allows you to easily manage multiple assets and who has control to them. By setting up Meta Business Manager, gone are the days of losing your company page when a marketing employee forgets their password or even quits. With Business Manager, you’ll always know who has access to your business and its social media marketing assets.

For Meta Business Manager set-up instructions, check out our step-by-step blog post. While we strive to keep our guides as accurate as possible, Meta Business Manager is always updating, and certain instructions may change. If you have any questions while setting up your accounts, reach out to Facebook’s customer support.

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, TotalCom can help you with strategic planning, media buying, and account management. Contact us at 205.345.7363 or email Lori Moore.

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