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Is Your Organic Facebook Reach Decreasing?

If you’ve seen your organic Facebook reach decrease over the past few years, you’re not alone. The social media platform has shifted its focus to paid advertisements for pages, which leaves less room for organic page posts. With just a few changes, your page can be on its way to increasing reach to potential customers!

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Your know that your audience is out there, but why can't you reach them?

Join the Conversation

In January 2018, Adam Mosseri of Facebook announced that they are working to “shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.” If you use any personal social media accounts, you understand where they’re coming from. As Facebook’s growth has continued to boom, users have seen less and less of their friends’ posts and more business posts. With this new focus, you don’t necessarily need to pay to play, just center your strategy around what the News Feed algorithm prefers – engagement.

Facebook defines post “engagement” as post clicks, reactions, shares and comments. There is a great reason that most posts that you see in your News Feed have a photo, video, link or event a product from their inventory – they catch people’s attention and cause them to click, like and share with their friends. By starting a conversation with your posts, you’ll get more of the organic reach that you want and grow your audience!

Here are some tactics to start a conversation with your customers:

  • Share media posts – infographics, YouTube videos and links give people more information on a topic in an interesting way instead of a long text post

  • Create unique content – if you want your page to stand out, you need to offer something no one else can. Unique content from your website, custom images and employee spotlights show potential customers why you are different from everyone else.

  • Analyze best posting times – Facebook Insights allow you to view data about when your fans are online. By posting during peak days and hours you can maximize your reach!

  • Encourage employee involvement – your employees are experts in your field, so why not invite them to take part in your conversation?

  • Make sure that you’re engaging, too – once you get people commenting and reacting, make sure that you’re responding! Creating a dialogue builds trust, which can be hard to earn.

If these media posts still aren’t getting you the traffic that you desire, there is still another way – ads. If done right, you can reach an even larger audience and start converting right on Facebook.

Don’t Generalize, Create Targeted Ads

The world of digital ads is very competitive, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. With no targeting, you can reach a large number of people (over 2 billion active Facebook users in 2018!) but your conversion rate will remain low, costing you more per conversion. Luckily, there are options for every advertiser to customize their ad targeting.

Facebook ads have a wide range of targeting so you can find your niche audience. Targeting options currently include: location, age, gender, education level, income, relationship status, remarketing, interests and behaviors. These are all able to be stacked to narrow the scope of your audience. This makes it easier to create multiple audiences so ads can be tailored to the specific interests of the group you are targeting.

Facebook is a valuable tool, and when used correctly can generate more traffic and sales for your business or organization. For more help with digital advertising, contact TotalCom Marketing today!

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