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Tips to Increase Your Company's Facebook Page Reach

Are your company’s Facebook posts being seen by fewer and fewer users?

There is definitely a decline in organic Facebook post reach.

You can LIKE your Facebook efforts more than you do now.

The reason for the decline in Facebook post reach, according to Facebook is increasing competition. More brands have Pages and are putting out more information. Facebook claims they want to make sure users’ experiences are good ones, so they are showing content to users in their News Feed that Facebook deems is most relevant to them (based on prior activity on Facebook).

Some think it is because Facebook wants Pages to buy (more) ads.

Here are several tips to help increase your company’s Facebook post reach.

  • Quick and Original. Keep your posts short and original. It’s fine to share information from other sources occasionally. But the majority of your posts should be original content.

  • Pictures. Incorporate photos and videos in your company’s posts. Photos depicting human interaction tend to be more successful. Show people interacting with your brand. And posts with videos are often times even more successful than just ones with photos.

  • Call to Action. Ask users to do something. Ask a question, take a poll, or ask for feedback and opinions. Ask users to fill in the blank, write a caption, guess something about the photo, etc. And respond to those that do.

After a while, check to see what types of posts get seen by more people. Use Page Insights to evaluate which posts get the most likes, comments and shares. Use this information to plan future posts.

Even though there may be a decline in organic reach, your company’s Facebook Page can still be useful to build and grow strong relationships with customers and prospective customers.

Contact TotalCom Marketing to learn more ways to use social media to market your company.

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