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Why a Mobile Website is so Important

You’ve heard it before. You should have a mobile friendly website. But why? And how can you tell if it is or not?

First, Why a Mobile Friendly Website?

Reason #1: Increase in Usage of Mobile Devices

According to a January 2017 report from Pew Research, here are a few arguments that your company’s website should be accessable and easily navigable on a mobile device. (Note that by “mobile” we mean devices including smartphones, tablets and e-readers).

  1. 95% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind and almost 80% own a smartphone. (In 2011, smartphone ownership was just 35%.)

  2. 50% of US adults own a tablet

  3. Adoption of broadband service has slowed in recent years and a growing number of Americans now use smartphones as their primary online tool

And if you think these statistics about smartphone ownership apply just to millennials or Gen Xers, keep reading…

  • 75% of adults age 50 to 64 own a smartphone

  • More than 40% of adults 65 and over own a smartphone

Simply put, more and more prospective customers are using their mobile device to research and locate products, services and companies. Make it easy for them to find yours.

Reason #2 Google Search Results

Since the beginning of 2017, Google uses the mobile version of your company’s website to determine rank. While sometimes Google is frustrating as a marketer, it can be agreed upon that a better user experience is of utmost importance for Google. This makes it even more important for us as marketers.

How to Tell if Your Company Website is Mobile Friendly

Your site is mobile friendly if it has responsive design. Users to your site shouldnt have to pinch, pull, drag and zoom to read your content because the design should respond to whatever size screen the visitor happens to be using. In addition, your mobile friendly site should be easily and intuitively navigable, and the buttons should be large enough to “click”. Test your site with Google’s Responsive Test Tool.

Whether you need a few tweaks, content added to your current site, or a completely new website, contact TotalCom Marketing to discuss what that process might look like

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