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Traditional Advertising is Still Relevant

Updated: May 31, 2018

Digital marketing is all the rage, but what about traditional advertising? Are TV commercials, radio spots, and magazine ads still offering substantial return on investment (ROI)? The answer is a resounding yes.

Radio commercials like televison and print are still viable ways to reach your target audience.

There is no doubt that you need to implement a digital marketing strategy for your business,

but don’t neglect the traditional advertising that is tried and true!

People Trust Traditional Advertising

According to a recent Nielsen survey, newspaper ads are still the most trusted form of paid media in North America. In fact, over half of those who participated in the survey said they trust traditional channels of advertising such as newspaper, TV, radio, magazines and billboards.

On the flip side, over half of the participants said they did not trust the new media platforms, including social media, online searches and videos, and banner ads. While digital advertising is pervasive in our culture, it is not yet considered as trustworthy as traditional advertising methods.

In short, to build trust you need to utilize traditional advertising in conjunction with new digital tactics.

Traditional Advertising Reaches a Broader Audience

Most people engage in some sort of traditional media use every day. They listen to the radio on their morning commute, read the billboards they pass as they are stuck in traffic on the drive home, watch TV to relax in the evening and read their favorite magazine while waiting to pick up their child from soccer practice.

We are constantly surrounded by traditional media. That’s why traditional advertising is still one of the best choices when you are wanting to reach a broader audience.

Integrate Your Traditional Advertising with Your Digital for Even Greater ROI

When you are planning your ad campaign make sure that you plan out a strong digital strategy to complement your traditional advertising. A great TV commercial is wonderful, but when combined with a compelling social media strategy the effect is multiplied. Give your audience a clear call-to-action that drives them to your website or that turns them into promoters for your business.

Use a hashtag in your print ads that consumers will then tweet online. Nike had great success using this strategy in their #MakeItCount campaign. The hashtag #MakeItCount was used in their print and TV ads which led to a greater user engagement on social media outlets like twitter and facebook. This also helped keep their messaging clear and consistent across all outlets, building trust with their audience.

Using Traditional Advertising Puts You in Good Company

Some sources would (wrongly) have you believe that traditional advertising is dead. If that is so, somebody needs to tell the marketing team over at Apple.

Apple consistently uses traditional media to promote their products. Google also has a track record of relying on traditional advertising to showcase their latest technological offerings.

Perhaps one of the most telling signs that traditional advertising is still relevant is that Facebook is now utilizing traditional ads to promote their website! The popular social media site has purchased TV spots and outdoor media in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Facebook is a digital age powerhouse, but still recognizes the need for traditional advertising. If Facebook needs it, chances are your business does too.

Let Us Help

At TotalCom Marketing we have expertise in both traditional and digital advertising. We can develop a strategic plan to tell your company’s story and grow your business. Contact us today. Let us help tell your story.

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