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The Rocket City Trash Pandas and TotalCom make a great team!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Rocket City Trash Pandas, Huntsville’s new Double A affiliate baseball team, will open its first season in April of this year to a very excited North Alabama community.

After successfully selling all of their season tickets, the team asked TotalCom to help market their sales of 3 different mini-plans with 23 games each. The Apollo plan has the most weekend  games and the Gemini plan has lots of Sunday afternoons games making it ideal for families. The Mercury Plan includes the big July 3rd game with what promises to be Huntsville’s grandest fireworks display ever.

To market those as possible Christmas gifts, an email and digital media campaign was launched just prior to Thanksgiving. This date was chosen in hopes that family members would discuss buying plans as they enjoyed their Thanksgivings together and made Christmas gift buying decisions.

Additionally, radio spots and TV spots using the voice of the Trash Pandas, Josh Caray, were used, which included a buy in the big Iron Bowl game.

Check out the TV spot, digital outdoor, one of the e-blasts, and one of the digital ads created for this campaign.

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