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Television Ads Can Increase Website Traffic

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Television ads can increase website traffic, prospects and sales.

Combine Digital and Traditional Media for More Marketing Success

As consumer, we will sit in our dens, watch our favorite television show, with a laptop, ipad or smartphone in our laps. When we see something we want to know more about – an actor, a product or service, it is so convenient to use this opportunity to find out more.

As a marketer, to optimize success, consider a strategy including a combination of both digital and traditional media.

Television Ads Are Still Relevant

Even though digital advertising is the way of today, traditional television may have the potential to play an even bigger role  than given credit.  Viewers are still tuned in to television – cable, network and time-shifted. According to Nielsen, over the past five years, viewing time by millennials and Gen Xer’s has decreased. Time spent watching by adults 50 and over is flat. However, adults 65 plus actually spend MORE time watching tv than they did five years ago. This provides an incredible opportunity for businesses seeking an audience demographic of adults 45 and over.

Increase Website Traffic to Increase Prospects – and Sales

Instead of directing customers straight toward a purchase decision, television ads can help ease sales reluctance by directing them to your website or landing page. Here consumers can begin their journey toward a purchase. They can learn more about your product or service, request a trial, sign up for a discount, and read reviews. Consider lead generation and nurturing of this very “warm” audience. Retarget your message to them with customized content to encourage movement in the sales funnel.

Not using television ads to increase website traffic and prospects?

Enhance your brand, share your story and increase prospective customers,  contact  TotalCom Marketing Communications today to develop your digital and traditional marketing strategy.

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