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Improve Your Company's Online Presence: Learn How Other Companies Do It

How do people find your business? These days, most people are looking for solutions to their needs on their smartphones. Learn from the best. Check out these three companies that are successfully using their online presence and acquiring new customers everyday.

Home Depot

People are more likely to look up home help on their tablets or smartphones than a computer. Home Depot took note of this and responded quickly with online marketing! The home improvement store took to YouTube and uploaded a couple hundred do-it-yourself (DIY) videos. As these gained popularity, so did Home Depot.

It may seem strange, but actress Elizabeth Banks endorses the real estate business in the most creative way. The actress created a series of videos that were uploaded to YouTube. Through online marketing, each video was targeted toward new homeowners, helping them address the challenges of purchasing a new home. In less than a month, had over 400,000 views. The ads they put before the videos improved their click through rate and website traffic. YouTube videos present a great platform for advertising.


Walmart, a very successful company, has begun to take over the ecommerce world. What makes Walmart stand apart from the rest is the load time of its site – less than 3 seconds. Originally the site took approximately 8 seconds to load, which resulted in many users simply exiting the site. For each second Walmart was able to improve upon, its conversion rate went up as well!

Own the Web with Your Business Today!

We understand digital media is the way of the future, but we also know from experience that traditional marketing strategies are still relevant and effective. Learn more about creating your marketing strategy today. Contact the experts at TotalCom Marketing Communications. we have offices in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville, Alabama and have been helping clients tell their stories for more than 30 years.

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