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Our Clients Struck Gold At The 2019 Aster Awards Competition

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Aster Awards is an annual competition that decides on the best healthcare advertising efforts across the United States. Through hundreds of entries, the Aster Awards judges chose to give all three of our clients' entries gold awards. Congratulations to DCH Regional Medical Center, The Jackson Clinic and The Orthopaedic Center!

DCH Regional Medical Center Wins Gold

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, DCH Regional Medical Center wanted to create a campaign to raise awareness about women's options for mammograms. Their newest technology, 3D mammography, is more effective at finding cancer than other options. This design is simple, yet has a high-tech feel.

DCH Regional Medical Center 3D Mammography billboard

The Jackson Clinic - Montgomery, AL

This print advertising series draws importance to all the reasons people may need a primary care doctor. The Jackson Clinic has 15 primary care physicians in their network, so people in the community have many options to choose from. Additionally, the TotalCom team created coordinating billboards, a mini-site, Facebook ads and website banners for their main website to show a united message.

The Orthopaedic Center - Huntsville, AL

We do a quarterly newsletter for The Orthopaedic Center, which is based in Huntsville but has lots of outlying offices for seeing doctors and for physical therapy. The newsletter features educational articles on a particular part of the body as well as testimonials from patients they have treated. It includes "fit tips" for a specific area of care and features a spotlight on an employee or group of employees. The newsletter was mailed to households with $100,000 or more annual income with a female in the household within specific age ranges depending on the features that quarter.

The Orthopaedic Center newsletter

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