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Creating and Using Buyer Personas to Improve Your Marketing

One way to improve your brand is taking a look at your business’ buyer persona(s).

What Is a Business’s Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona for your business is a fictional representation of your customer. Used in all aspects of your company, from marketing to sales, a persona is meant to personify an ideal customer to relate to current customers as a human not the general public. This sets the tone for all content creation, sales tactics, and product development.

How Do You Create a Buyer Persona?

Depending on your business branding strategy, you could have more than one buyer persona. Start with one. You can always develop more if needed. The first step is to conduct research. Conduct surveys and interviews with your customer base. Once you see what your current customers think about your brand and how they use your product or service, you will be able to better align with their preferences.

One of the simplest ways to acquire the information you need is to create a form on your website. Use fields that capture personal information like demographics. You can also conduct in-person or over-the-phone interviews. You want to learn how your current customers engage with your company.

Different Personas

Reach out to customers to see what they are pleased with, and also what they dislike about your product or service. You can have both negative and positive personas. Your positive persona should be based on your ideal customer to help you create powerful ad campaigns. The epitome of your target market makes up one persona. Another persona may be based off of the complete opposite, the type of customer that you definitely do not want to work with. This persona could embrace the concept of a consumer completely outside of your target market.

Why Are Buyer Personas So Important?

A buyer persona helps you understand your customer base. You humanize your customer by identifying them as an individual with specific traits, desires and habits. If you can tailor your message specifically to their needs and behaviors, you can best cater to their preferences.  For this reason, buyer personas directly affect marketing efforts. If you are well aware of your customers’ needs and desires, you are more likely to be able to serve those customers successfully.

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