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Clients Focus on COVID-19

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

COVID-19 has impacted all of is in 2020. And it has certainly affected our clients and their customers. During the year we’ve created a host of ads and collateral for our clients as they have interacted with their clients about COVID.


DCH Outdoor "Wear a Mask"
DCH Outdoor "Wash Your Hands"
DCH Outdoor "Symptoms"
DCH Outdoor "Safe Care"


DCH Print Ad "Safe Care"
Swedish Hospital Print Ad "Heroes Work Here."
Thibodaux Health System "When You Need Us"


Thibodaux Health System "Safety During COVID"
Swedish Hospital Direct Mail "Heroes Work Here"

Floor Graphics, Stickers and Banners

Thibodaux Health System COVID Floor Graphic and Sticker
Thibodaux Health Systerm "Working Together" Banner


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