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Campaign to Relaunch Women’s Services for Decatur-Morgan Hospital

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

In late 2021, the marketing team and CEO of Decatur-Morgan Hospital reached out for help for their revamped Women’s Services program. The hospital has been plagued with the lone local OB-GYN group leaving the hospital for another hospital several times and at one point, Decatur-Morgan had to close their OB services altogether. This left Morgan County residents with no local delivery options and required travel to Madison County, which often included serious traffic congestion and delays. The team knew that local patients would need assurance the hospital was committed to offering these services and it would require significant marketing.

New CEO Kelli Powers took the bull by the horns hiring two new young female OB-GYN’s and a long-time former OB to return as hospital employees. She also convinced a former GYN, who has a big patient load and specializes in urinary incontinence, to return. Once the medical team and support staff were in place, her next step was to hire Totalcom Marketing to market this new and very talented staff.

Totalcom’s first step was to create a micro-site for the Women’s Services Department, which linked to the hospital’s main site. All messaging was developed along a theme of “delivering closer to home”. Permanent and digital billboards were launched introducing the new doctors throughout the main traffic routes. Social media followed with Facebook and Instagram profiles created and promoted to develop a following. Print ads, radio spots and TV spots were utilized consistently for a three-month campaign. The TV spots featured CEO Kelli Powers in the new Labor and Delivery Department and promoted the doctors in the spot as well. Digital ads were used to target women 18 to 40 for OB services and different ads were used to reach older women ( 45+) for urinary incontinence issues.

The results are in and they are impressive! The first six months of the campaign brought 218 new patients for OB services. And, according to VP of Development Noel Lovelace, “If word of mouth in the community is a measure (and I think it’s the best!) the campaign has been excellent.” It is always rewarding to see clients’ success that comes from the efforts of the Totalcom team.

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