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Brand Storytelling with Visuals

Today’s culture is extremely visually oriented.  Brands should have a visual story. Brand storytelling with visuals is key for effectively marketing your products and services.

Today people are stimulated by visuals. This is not to discredit or minimize great copy writing but our world has become visually oriented.  Practically everyone has a smart phone with a camera and most people are using them.  And sharing their photos and videos.  It can certainly be seen in the rapid rise of photo-centric social platforms.  To prove the point, Facebook reached 100 million users in 4 years but it took Instagram only 10 days to attract 10 million users.

And science supports this premise.  Humans actually process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.  Our visual sensory abilities are powerful.

Does your marketing include brand storytelling with visuals?

We know visuals can affect us emotionally.  How many photographs have you seen that immediately elicit a strong emotional reaction?  Immediately. Shouldn’t you be marketing your brand with visuals?

So what is your brand doing to tap into this image-obsessed culture?  Do you have a visual story?   Are you telling your brand story with video and other visuals? Consumers not only want to hear and read what your brand stands for but they also want to see it.

Social media provides the perfect medium to create and maintain a visual brand story.  Writing for The Agency Post,  Megan O’Malley, an account planner at VMI states,“… it’s the thoughtful, sincere and consistent visual story dispersed socially that builds a relationship.”

There are three important factors to consider when creating a visual brand story for your brand.

1.    Understand your brand

What makes your brand unique? And as O’Malley suggests, don’t ask: What does your company do?  But go deeper and ask: Why do you exist?  Why should the consumer care?  What is your higher purpose?  From here you should be on track for developing your visual story .

2.    Be consistent

Your brand’s story is ever evolving and never-ending.  So should be your visual brand story.  You must be consistent in continually telling your story.  Gaps, holes and interruptions cause the consumer to lose interest and the continuity of the story.

3.     Do it well

You may be creating your brand storytelling with visuals. And just like a written story it should be done well. You wouldn’t tolerate bad grammar, poor sentence structure and sloppy writing if it were a written story. Neither should you accept poor quality for your visual story.  It’s your company’s brand that you are portraying.  It should be done well.

Consumers are becoming more and more visually oriented.  Your brand cannot reach it’s full potential without the use of visuals.  It’s not easy. But brand storytelling with visuals is key to effective storytelling. Contact TotalCom Marketing today and learn more about telling your brand story with visuals.

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