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Our Clients Struck Gold Again In 2020

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Aster Awards is an annual competition to recognize the best healthcare advertising efforts across the United States. Through hundreds of entries, the Aster Awards judges chose to give three of our clients' entries gold awards. Congratulations to DCH Regional Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center and Thibodaux Regional Medical Center.

DCH Regional Medical Center Tuscaloosa, AL

Gold Joint Replacement Total Advertising Campaign

DCH Joint Replacement Print Ads
DCH Joint Replacement Social Media Graphics
DCH Joint Replacement Outdoor

Swedish Medical Center Denver, Co

Gold Baby Book Patient Handbook

Swedish Baby Book

Gold Limb Preservation Brochure

Swedish Limb Preservation Brochure

Gold Fill-A-Backpack

Swedish Fill-A-Backpack Internal Campaign
Swedish Fill-A-Backpack Landing Page

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Gold Well Fit Brochure Series

Thibodaux Well Fit Brochure Series

Silver Cancer Institute “You Deserve the Best Care”

Thibodaux You Deserve the Best Print Ad

Silver “Cruising to Better Health” Event

Thibodaux Cruising to Better Health Print Ad
Thibodaux Cruising to Better Health Direct Mail Postcard

Bronze More Cancer Doctors Campaign

Thibodaux More Cancer Doctors Print Ad

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