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Alison Wellness Clinic's Marketing Journey

The Alison Wellness Clinic opened a few years ago in Huntsville, Alabama, to help patients of Dr Bill Alison’s cosmetic surgery practice as they prepared for plastic surgery.

Patients often have to lose weight prior to breast reduction and other types of surgery. He and his wife, Christy, wanted to provide a safe and healthy way for patients to lose weight and address other wellness issues.

In addition to offering Ideal Protein food products, Alison Wellness Clinic also offers pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, injections, IV’s, services to address hormone imbalances and much more.

TotalCom was hired to design their new website. Check out the website here. We also designed their brochures, ads, IV drip package labels and onsite signage.

Alison Wellness Clinic Brochure
Alison Wellness Clinic brochure

Alison Wellness Clinic magazine ad
Alison Wellness Clinic magazine ad

Alison Wellness Clinic onsite signage and IV Drip packaging
Alison Wellness Clinic onsite signage and IV Drip packaging

To help drive people to their new website, we handle their social media presence utilizing facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Since implementing their social media in September of 2018, their website traffic has increased by 58%.

A few of the social media posts:

IV drip

Avoiding Fad Diets

Teaching Teens about healthy practices

With a loyal local following they have expanded their services to the Athens area and are drawing patients from across the entire North Alabama region.

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