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A new logo for a new era for a premier engineering company.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In early 2020, Davidson Technologies approached our company to do a whole new logo and rebranding of their soon to be 25-year-old company. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Julian Davidson, the Huntsville based company has provided high quality engineering and technical services to both the aerospace and missile defense industries.

Dr. Davidson’s extensive experience in government and industry helped mold his business philosophy into one that has made Davidson Technologies a premier company with a reputation for excellence and integrity. After his death in 2013, his wife, Dr. Dorothy Davidson stepped in to run the company. She now serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board.

While wanting a much needed update to the logo, Davidson also wanted it to reflect their four core areas of expertise:

  1. Modeling and Simulation

  2. Cyber

  3. Test and Evaluation

  4. Systems Engineering

Davidson Logo

Working with a communications committee, we developed options that reflected the four core capabilities with patriotic colors. Those were presented to company president, Major General (Retired) John W. Holly. With his narrowed choices, the final approval came from Dr. Dorothy Davidson. 

The name was shortened from Davidson Technologies to Davidson. A roll out of their new logo, signage and marketing materials happened in the summer of 2020. Totalcom is currently working on a new website for Davidson as well.

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