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The 2 Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Marketing is competitive. Brand messages inundate consumers. Thousands every day. So, in all markets and in every category, marketing is essential - and yet it can be difficult to differentiate.

By understanding the latest trends, you can outperform your competition that may not be following those same trends. There is a lot going on in the marketing industry now that is exciting and effective - and your hospital needs to take notice.

Live Video Is Becoming King

Video has long been a major player in marketing. Video creates more engagement than any other format and creates positive associations between a brand and viewers.

The latest trend in video comes in the form of live, real-time, streaming video. Whether you see it on Facebook, YouTube, or an individual website, live video is dominating because it generates a lot of engagement.

Brands can take advantage by streaming useful content, which is enormously popular. Video can be better at communicating information because it naturally captivates people and catches - and holds - their interest better than text alone.

Consider yourself an expert in your business. Make sure the videos are personable and relatable. Present the latest products or technology offer helpful tips that will be useful to your target audience.

Location-Based Marketing Is More Important than Ever Before

Location, location, location. Most brick and mortar businesses depend on geography for their customers. Consumers tend to shop close to home. So, it’s important to reach those consumers close to your location.

Location-based marketing, through geofencing, can deliver the right message at the right time to the right place. If someone is in a particular area, you can target them with your message and ads through their mobile device while they are on the move; you can also target them through other methods if they are in a home or office within your service area.

You can even target specific neighborhoods if you want to increase the number of patients you see from that neighborhood. A rigorous analytics approach at your hospital can tell you where your patients live - and where they don’t live. The same goes for where they work. You can then use geofencing to market accordingly.

What are some ways you can use these trends in a creative manner to get better results?

TotalCom is a full-service hospital marketing and advertising agency that believes in getting great results from telling great stories. Contact us for more information and see what stories we can tell for you.

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