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Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

PROJECT/CAMPAIGN: Sports Medicine Featuring Archie Manning

SITUATION: Due to the importance of keeping athletes of all ages safe, the hospital maintained a full staff of certified athletic trainers, sports medicine-trained physicians and therapists; they also acquired new concussion testing technology. Due to coverage at hundreds of athletic events over the years, the capabilities of the Sports Medicine Center professionals were well known within the local schools, but “other” athletes – the weekend warriors, or occasional sports participants, also needed to be made aware.

SOLUTION: To help tell the story, the hospital contracted with former NFL star and celebrity Archie Manning to serve as spokesperson. The well-respected Manning informed audiences of the many ways the Sports Medicine team kept athletes of all ages “safely in the game” in television commercials, print ads, radio commercials, digital outdoor and digital and social media. The campaign won several national healthcare marketing awards.

Thibodaux Sports Medicine Concussion - Unknown Artist
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Thibodaux Sports Medicince Safety - Unknown Artist
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