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Huntsville City Schools


 logo design, rebranding

SITUATION: For several years, Huntsville City Schools used a logo designed in a student competition and over time realized the need for a professionally produced logo and rebranding. The only restriction given was “no rockets.” After individual meetings with the top administrators and board of education members, their input was used in designing several potential logo designs. The administration narrowed them down to five designs to be tested in focus groups of: 1. Parents, 2. Teachers and Administrators and 3. Students to insure community support of the new look.

SOLUTION: A design was chosen that was really favored by the parents focus group and gave a nod to the local space industry with the C of the HCS done as Saturn. The design is reflective of the city and its history of space exploration. Designs were completed for new business cards, letterhead, employee badges, PowerPoint templates and signage for individual schools and vehicles.

HCS Horizontal Logo.png
HCS Group of Logos.png
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