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Huntsville Botanical Garden


Campaigns for Exhibits, Shows and newsletter

SITUATION: The Huntsville Botanical Garden committed to the biggest and most expensive undertaking in their history by booking the gorgeous Chinese Lanterns exhibition for a three month stay in the summer of 2019. It was the only time the exhibit had been in North Alabama but had a required advance ticket sale which was new to the garden. Also, the show required a significant budget for advertising and the Garden needed help for their small marketing department to create and buy the advertising for the big show.

SOLUTION: Totalcom created a master timeline for all events and the rollout of the different elements of the campaign.  Print ads, outdoor designs, TV spots, radio spots were all created as well as digital ads and social media posts. Corporate sponsors were honored with private parties to view the exhibit and travel groups were booked in conjunction with travel and tourism associations. Although the summer was one of the wettest on record, the show was a huge success and welcomed hundreds who had never been to the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

After the Chinese Lanterns show, the garden tasked Totalcom with work for their upcoming events until marketing positions could be filled. A newsletter design for their members and ads for annual events and corporate venue bookings were created.

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