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Fiat of Alabama

PROJECT/CAMPAIGN: Benchmark Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Birmingham Marketing Plan

SITUATION: Prior to the relaunch of Fiat in the United States, current Chrysler dealers were given the opportunity to pitch themselves to be selected as sites for the Fiat brand. The small, fuel-efficient car offered a product that was missing in the Chrysler lineup and was highly sought by current Chrysler dealers.  

SOLUTION: Our client, Benchmark Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Birmingham, tasked us with the job of preparing the pitch for the dealership with a marketing plan and creative concepts. The elements we are showing were part of that presentation and were executed once the dealership was chosen as the only Fiat site in Alabama.

FIAT Commercial Flyer-2.jpg
FIAT Commercial Flyer-1.jpg
FIAT Commercial Flyer-3.jpg
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