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Decatur Morgan OB-GYN


Website and Closer To Home Campaign

SITUATION: Decatur Morgan Hospital hired their own OB-GYNs after the long-time local OB-GYN practice abandoned them for a hospital in the next county. Driving to that hospital required a considerable amount of time and lots of congested traffic for residents of Morgan County. The maternity ward had been closed for a period of time and the hospital wanted  a major campaign to show their commitment to these services, promote the new doctors and the entire women’s services department.

SOLUTION: A campaign was created with a “Closer to Home” theme promoting both the quality of the new doctors and being closer to home for their services. A TV spot featuring the attractive female CEO as well as billboards, print ads, digital ads and social media accounts were created after a new micro-site for women’s services was completed. The hospital enrolled 134 new maternity patients within the first 6 months of the campaign and the hospital spokesperson said “If word of mouth in the community is any indication, this campaign has been a huge success!”

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