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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Planning

There is no shortcut to great advertising. We know the key to effective advertising is effective strategy. We will work with you to understand the relationship your brand has with the public. Great storytellers are, above all, great listeners. We want to fully understand your competition, industry, marketplace and most importantly, your target market.


Professionals at TotalCom will learn from you, understand your perspectives, understand the goals for your brand and together create strategies to reach your communication goals.

Creative Services

Creative Services

How do we cut through all the clutter to get your story to be seen, heard and understood? We attract some of the most innovative minds around to create messages that are rooted in strategy, based on marketing objectives and engineered for results. Sometimes we’re asking your customers to change their minds, change their plans or change their way of doing business – all for one reason. You believe you have a better way. We do too.

During the design phase, our creative services team will implement proven strategies and develop messages that motivate your customers to watch, to learn -and ultimately to change.

Account Management

Account Management 

We believe the secret to our success is how

we take care of our customers.


Your account manager will be your primary contact at the agency and will work with you early on to establish timelines and campaign requirements.


Our administrative professionals are committed to providing outstanding customer service and assistance with any administrative questions related to your account. Our approach to understanding client needs is second to none.

Media Services

Media Services

Our approach to traditional, nontraditional and social media services can be summed up in two words: Informed and effective. We subscribe to the industry’s most comprehensive data collection services, Arbitron and Nielsen, so that we can make educated decisions about stretching your media budget.


Our media services team works with you to create a schedule of media placement that is customized to your needs and targeted to your audience.

Learn more about how we deliver superb service to our customers – and see your story unfold in everything we create together.