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Color is a Powerful Tool for Branding Your Business

While we understand that color is a powerful branding and advertising tool, what is less clear however is exactly how to use color to get the desired results. Here are a few tips for using color to effectively communicate your brand.

Color choice can impact what customers think about your brand.

Keep Your Choices Simple

First of all, when choosing a color palette for your company logo or marketing materials, stick to a maximum of three. Keep in mind the fewer colors in your branding, the easier it is for consumers to associate your brand identity with your organization.

Remember, white and black count. For instance, the Target logo isn’t just a red target. It’s a red target on a white background. Even though the white is in the background and is neutral, it still counts in your branding palette.

Stand Apart From the Competition

Another key ingredient to effective branding is to use a different palette than your biggest competitors. You don’t want your image to get muddied with theirs. If your competitor uses yellow and blue, using the same colors will not help set you apart.

Branding that is Appropriate for Your Category Studies show that the colors you choose matter. Is your color pallete “appropriate” for your business? Furthermore, does it communicate what you want them to understand about your company? It is s important to anticipate your target consumer’s perception. Does your pallete choice match your business?

Emotion and Branding While the emotion that a color evokes is different for each person and different across cultures, and life experiences, there are some broad generalizations that help communicate certain emotions.

Some of the best advertising campaigns break the rules, so these are suggestions, not rigid rules.

Blue – Trust, Honesty, Conservative as well as Peaceful and Serious

Red – Passionate, Exciting, and Powerful

Green – Relaxing, Eco-Friendly, in addition to Calm

Yellow – Playful, Creative, as well as Happy

Orange – Sociable and Affordable

Pink – Caring, Compassionate, but also Imaginative

Purple – Luxurious as well as High-Quality

Black – Elegant, Sophisticated in addition to Corporate

White – Clean, Safe, and Orderly

In conclusion, color helps communicate your company’s brand story. The marketing and design professionals at TotalCom understand creating new brand identities, re-branding an existing one or just selecting a color palette for an ad campaign.  Need a second opinion on a color palette choice? Give TotalCom a call

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